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Stash Dive

Hello Friends, It’s officially summer! Alright tomorrow is officially summer but close enough.  One thing I always looked forward to about summer as a kid was…the POOL!! I couldn’t get enough of the water. In any form. Running thru the sprinkler in the back yard, the lake, the beach! You name it. If it was… Read More Stash Dive

The Shop

Eat like a Gilmore 

Hello Friends, How many of us feel this way about Gilmore Girls? I love the Gilmore Girls. They just seem like a fun pair to hang out with while drinking coffee at Luke’s. I thought that from the first time I saw the show. Rory showed me not everyone was the “It Party Girl”.  That… Read More Eat like a Gilmore 

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Be Our Guest

Hello Friends, It’s March already! My how time has flown. I have been looking forward to March for a couple of reasons.  One it means we are on our way to Spring and I start thinking about all the lovely pinks, minty blues, greens, and purple colors you start to see.  The biggest thing I… Read More Be Our Guest

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Espresso Shot

Hello Friends, Have I been too quiet?? Sorry it’s been a busy couple of weeks! I have found that when I do a shop update, I get a rush of orders( I am not complaining) and that means I am focusing on completing those orders and not writing as much.   That does not mean… Read More Espresso Shot