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Friday Favorites: 

Hello Friends,

Did you know it was National Vanilla Cupcake day? Ya I didn’t either. But that didn’t stop me from whipping up a batch of fluffy vanilla cupcakes and then practicing my “Georgetown Cupcakes Signature Swirl” move! The kids weren’t complaining either! 

Since it is National Vanilla Cupcake Day I thought I would share a couple of my favorite recipes with you. 

First off of you are in the mood to make cupcakes from scratch, Sally’s Baking Addiction has a couple of fantastic recipes to try out. 

The vanilla frosting I made though, is my absolute favorite! Dubbed the Perfect Vanilla Frosting by Beyond Frosting you can find the recipe here.

I love that this frosting is literally the base you need for any flavor of buttercream frosting you could want (except chocolate that is a different recipe all together!).  Leave it as vanilla, or add a different extract and food coloring the sky’s the limit with this. 

I love doing roses on my cupcakes, because it makes them look pretty. But for this Vanilla Cupcake I wanted to keep the frosting simple and use the chance to really perfect my “Georgetown Swirl”. You have seen the Georgetown Cupcakes right! They are gorgeous!!

I think mission accomplished. 

Now that I shared with you my favorite Cupcake And frosting recipes let’s see what else has me excited this week.

Photo from Instagram

I have felt a little blah in the dinner making department lately so when I Ree Drummond’s new book Come and Get It, I had to get it. I am looking forward to pulling together flavorful dinners in a short time. Because as the title implies we have crazy busy lives. 

My hubby shared with me this Acapella group Pentatonix on You Tube. Their video singing  Hallelujah is beautiful – just listen to them your gonna love it. Then check out there other songs.

I have been loving reading Hanna Lisa’s blog lately. She has been talking to my soul lately. She writes for creative bosses, shares her own creative journey and is the other half of Making Stories! She is an inspiration! 

Today also starts the Wonder Woman KAL hosted by Jessica Anderson Designs! This is going  to be a fun pattern to knit up! 

That sums up my Friday Favorites! Happy Friday everyone, have a good weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: 

  1. That group Is one of my new/old favorites. And I love the idea of it being national cupcake day! There’s never a bad reason to have a cupcake! I have been thinking about making carrot cake! Maybe carrot cake cupcakes? After all I should put my culinary school training. Right?

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