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Wooly Wednesday: I am Wonder Woman

Hello Friends,

I am starting a new weekly series called Wooly Wednesday. I thought it would be a fun way to share with you what projects I have on the needles or just finished up. Or maybe, if my needles are lacking a project (what does that happen?), sharing favorite patterns that I have on my wish list to knit. 

For this week I have an fun F.O for you, a KAL and a giveaway (so read to the end so you can enter the giveaway)!

As a wife, mother and business woman things can get crazy at my house. The days can speed by in a blink. There are days where I feel pretty spectacular, I’m not gonna lie. Those days my tiara never slipped, my hair kept its place and my uniform was spotless! Then there are days I’m in the corner going on day 3 of the same outfit, eating all the potatoe chips and chocolate bars, wondering whose kids are these anyway and can I afford a housekeeper? 

Those are the days I need a little secret reminder that I am Wonder Woman. That I can use the lasso of truth on my kids, deflect any flying bullets of harm from them, muscle my way thru the laundry and dishes and not break a sweat. 

I got my secret reminder with a dose of style in  this amazing cowlette by Jessica Anderson Designs.  I am Wonder Woman

 As soon as I saw Jessica’s call for test knitters for her new design, I messaged her immediately hoping to get a spot. One of the first things to catch my attention about this piece, besides its Wonder Woman theme, was that it used mini skeins. 

Despite my not being a major sock knitter I have managed to amass a small army of mini skeins in my stash, and I have been wanting to find projects for them. 

I can not wait to do more color combinations with this design, but for this first go round I really wanted to stay true to the Wonder Woman theme as I could. I am so happy I was able to pull it off! 

I am just thrilled with how this came out.
I was so inspired I made a progress keeper to go with it. I think it works well as a little piece of shawl jewelry too! Don’t you think so? 

Yes little Wonder Woman cupcakes will be coming to the shop

This piece starts off simply enough with stockinette stitches and some color work stripes. The fun part is the star stitches. It adds a fun texture and element to the cowl. Not to mention squish factor! 

I am not one to usually like wearing something close to my neck because I tend to get too warm, however, due to the lightweight nature of this design I do not mind at all that it is close to my neck. 

Now you want to know how to get in on the fun too right?! I am glad you asked. Jessica is hosting a KAL for the release of this lovely pattern and it starts on Friday November 10th! Check out her Ravelry group for all the details! She has a coupon code WWKAL for $1 off the pattern right now! My friend Jennifer of Yarntasia has a deal going on with the minis in her shop. Use code WWCOWL to receive $4 off an order of 4 minis! Also check out her bags while you are there. I love them. 

 Jessica has so generously offered one of my readers a pattern for free! One person will be randomly selected to win a Free copy of this pattern and the inspired progress keeper from me, so you can get in on this KAL and Fun! Just leave a comment below on the blog, telling me what makes you feel like Wonder Woman, what colors you want to knit this design up in and what your Instagram name is. A winner will be selected by RNG on Friday morning I will notify you by Instagram that you have won! 

Happy Knitting,


6 thoughts on “Wooly Wednesday: I am Wonder Woman

  1. I feel like wonder woman when I get to check everything off my to do list. It rarely happens, lol. I have the gnome acres mini skein set that inspired this shawl, but I would probably also try it in bright colors. My Instagram name is natisknits.

    1. It is so nice to see things checked off that to do list! I think bright colors will be great with this pattern! I really think a pretty speckled or variegated yarn in just one color would be fun too!

  2. Getting up early and accomplishing all my tasks for the day before breakfast makes me feel like wonderwoman….and wayyy less stressed. I would love to make this cowl in a soft cream wool, maybe add some deep purple tones to make it feel winter-cozy. My insta name is @sargentmckayla. Love the cowl!

    1. Getting all the important stuff out of the way right off the bat does help combat stress! I know I am less stressed when I do that! Ooh your colors sound wonderful!

  3. Most days I don’t like feel all that wonderful. But my sweet husband mike reminds me daily, several times even, that I am. Even though I haven’t given him a baby much to both our dismay and I have a random heart issue that we just found out about after years of ZERO health issues! He tells me I’m beautiful even with crazy curly morning hair. He kisses me all the time. He tells me of all that I accomplish daily proving naysayers wrong! He loves me through all the chaos and pulls me tight to him and reminds me of what I do for him. How I’ve made him a better man! What?! He says that I gave him a family(even if we never have a natural baby) and that I strengthen him where others don’t. All those things make me feel like Wonder Woman for in Mike’s eyes, l am. 😊


    1. It’s 100% good that your hubby makes you feel like Wonder Woman! He sees and appreciates the strength you have inside and gives you the boosts you need when you are feeling low! It’s a beautiful thing!

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