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Beginning Knitter’s Shawl

Hello Friends, 

I have neglected my little blog here and I am sorry for that. Seems it’s the easiest thing to drop when life starts to get a little crazy. But since we are only 62 days away from New Years (really where has this year gone?) I have already set my New Years Resolution to write more often and consistently, because I do so enjoy sharing my little adventures here with you. 

If you are a beginner knitter then I have a treat for you! 

I can not believe I have not shared about the Daylight Fading Shawl  I had the  pleasure of test knitting late this summer.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun (or when you are so busy you are not sure if you are coming or going). To be fair I did share about the pattern on my podcast which you can catch here

Daylight Fading Shawl is by Destiny Meyer of KniftyKnittings. This is one of just a couple of  finger weight patterns she has.  She most normally creates squishy delightful thick and quick hat and other accessory patterns. While this pattern may not be bulky it does not lack in squish factor. She originally used yarn from Noble Character Crafts. Amy’s yarn is just beautiful, from the colors she uses to the names she  chooses.

I worked my Daylight Fading Shawl up in The Yarn at Home Mom’s yarn in the Autumn in Portland and Buttermint color ways.

 I felt like I was knitting fall with these yarns. This was a simple mindless knit. Which is perfect for lots of knitflixing, especially if you are an advanced knitter looking for something easy. 

However this shawl is perfect for a beginner too! If you are new to knitting and the only thing you know how to do at this moment is Knit and Purl then you can do this shawl! This shawl is done entirely in garter stitch (or just knit) and increases on one side only making it easy to remember where you are. I feel this is a great pattern to make for your first shawl! 

Despite the pattern being all in garter stitch, something I tend to find boring, I loved the end results and know it contributed to the shawls squish factor . 

In the end I gave the shawl to my mom, who I knew would love it. I already have another in the works for my sister! 

After hers then I will make myself one! Mmm what color to choose? Something teal maybe?! 


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