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What the KAL?

Hello Friends,

The first clue for Andrea Mowery’s What the Fade Mysetery KAL dropped yesterday.  I have all my yarns caked up and ready to go. 

And then… What the KAL?! I came across another great looking KAL, I think I will join. Oh and look at this one! 

Let me ask you. How do you feel about KALs? I LOVE them. I readily join several KALs at once because I manage to delude myself into thinking I can some how manage 4 KALs in a month. With. No. Problem.  Can we count the number of reasons why this will not work shall we? 

  1. Mom to two munchinks
  2. Mom Boss building my own brand and shop
  3. Said munchkins and their daddy like to eat. I am the chef around here. 
  4. I can only let the house work and laundry slide for so long.
  5. Apparently I need to sleep sometimes in order to function. 

How is that for reality bursting my happy knitting bubble?! That being said I have yet to actually finish a KAL. I have yet to finish 4 knitted items in a month. Ok maybe if it’s baby hats, knit in chunky yarn! Then I have. But no way have I yet to finish a lace shawl in a month let alone 4. 

 I just get so excited when I see a new KAL. I love themes. Give me a movie or tv show themed KAL, deliciously dyed yarn, a great pattern and show me the dotted line! I can’t help myself. However I never complete the KAL. I never have a F.O at the end of the time frame. 

Tell me what do you think is important to get from a KAL? Is it just the initial joy of picking your yarn and being part of the group? Or is it to actually complete the KAL? I think both are great!  I want to some day actually finish my item in the time frame of the KAL (perhaps when the kids are in school). But for now I think I will just keep enjoying the excitement that comes with the buzz of a new KAL.

Joyful knitting… oh look an Outlander KAL…


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