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Letter from a Lover

I see you sitting in your favorite corner cuddling with your new love. Caressing your yarn. Holding it close. I remember when you used to hold me like that. Your hand on the small of my back. Your fingers dancing across me in delight. 

I remember when your mouth would curve up into that small smile as you discovered something new. Or the tears that would dot your cheeks at the sad tale I had to tell. 

We used to have so much fun you and I. Inseparable we were. Where you went I could be found. Now you carry on with something new. Can you really get more from Mr Yarn than from me? Can yarn take you on exciting adventures thru history? Sweep you off your feet with epic romances?

I sit sadly here in my corner looking at you longingly wondering if you will ever hold me like that again. Instead of collecting dust. 

I just want you to know I miss you. 


Your Book

I found this note pinned to my yarn stash this morning. There might be a problem.

Looks like I could stand to spend more time with my books. The struggle is real people. It’s very real! 


4 thoughts on “Letter from a Lover

  1. I, too, know your pain. I’ve been using an ereader for knitting reading. I don’t have to worry about pages flipping. It slows the knitting a bit, but allows me to delight in both of my loves. A metaphorical three-way of selfish passions, if you will.

    1. You know I have got to give that a try!! Because I have been too long with out reading as much as I would like. So reading and knitting slowly is much better than not at all! Thank you for reading and sharing that tip!

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