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Nido Shawl

Hello Friends, 

I know I showed my finished Nido Shawl by Handknitbykam over on my podcast Yarn Snob Gabs, but I had written this post in anticipation of showing it off here on the blog. So I figured why not! If you saw the podcast (you did didn’t you?) then no worries skip this post. If you missed it or Podcasts are not your thing then here you go!  

I started this shawl mid April, back when I had my surgery. It was my “I’m recouperating I need an easy knit” project. I was just sure I could fly thru it during my recovery. I should have known as the ever consistent slow knitter, I finished it three months later instead of two weeks. 

I chose HKNT’s Garden Party for the main color (the minty speckled color on the left) and Loranna’s Laces Peach for the second color. Working with Garden Party was a dream. I adored the main mint color and everytime a fleck of color, appeared I just smiled. 

These colors are perfect spring/summer colors. Though honestly they are my favorite so I will wear this year round! Who wouldn’t want a flash of something bright when winter grey is making them blue? 

I realized as I got close to finishing this that this is my first shawl done in hand dyed yarn.  I have  recently become a yarn snob or admitted to it anyway! It has only been in the last year that I came to know of the wonderful world of hand dyed yarn and I am completely hooked. I actually purged most my big box store yarns because I knew I did not care to work with them anymore. I only want to make lovely things with lovely yarn. 

 While working on this project I realized just how much of a process knitter I really am. I don’t rush thru my knitting even when I’m very excited for the final object.  Even though the stitches were so simple in this pattern, I never seemed to be flying thru it. 

I may be slow but look how many photo opportunities I got!

I am a slow knitter no way around it. I savor every step. I love finding the pattern with the perfect story, and combing thru my stash or searching a hand dyers selections for the perfect yarn to continue the story. I thouroughly enjoy holding the needles in my hand. Working the yarn thru the needles and watching something appear as if by magic.

I got this shawl done in time to take it out on my Anniversary dinner. It even matched my cocktail! 


I think this shawl is great if you are nervous about knitting up a shawl or are intimidated by doing lace work. It’s easy construction, garter stitch and small lace border is all great for a beginner. 

Happy knitting,


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