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Hello Friends,

It’s Friday and I thought it was time I did a #fridayintroductions 💕!<<< ight have noticed a few changes. The space has brightened up a bit more.  Have you been following my Instagram feed and noticed a bit of ebb and flow in my postings? Lately I have been trying to figure out just what my "style" is. Maybe it's my business having a few growing pains. Maybe it was me not being confident in what I was doing? Or maybe I just wasn't embracing fully all that I am.  My mom didn't call me Rosey Bubble for nothing! Then it dawned on me...much like it did for Anne in Anne of Avonlea (did I mention I speak fluently in movie quotes?). [caption width="326" id="attachment_796" align="aligncenter"] Photo Via Pinterest [/caption]

< lt; lt; lt;<<< t needed to look around me for my style. It surrounds me in my home. My style is my kids streaking by in a house that looks like a bomb went off in it ( I call it Kid Chic, it's all the rage in the Motherhood). My style is my aqua painted walls and aqua accessories which can be found ever where. Well here it is what I bring to the world... • Hi I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs…wait… that’s not right!

Those tissue poms behind me? I made that!

< lt; lt; lt;<<< 'm Amanda Jean and I Make things! • I'm not overly fancy, though I do love some sparkle. • I love Pizza. Seriously we have it at least once a week. • I watch musicals when I'm sad. Ok really any time. But they make me so happy when I'm sad. • I love milk duds on my popcorn and a glass of milk

• I like to make people happy. If I cracked you up or made you smile I consider my work done.

• I really get a thrill out of making tiny realistic treats that end up making you drool 🤤…I don’t know if that is a superpower or my inner villain showing thru muaaahha!

Look tiny realistic treats and my favorite colors in yarn!

• In any movie my favorite part is always the kiss. So much is said in a kiss. It can be soft. Gentle. Sweet. Passionate. It’s a promise. It’s the spark.

That’s all I have for now! But that’s 17 things that maybe you didn’t know about me! Tell me what are the wonderful things you bring to the world? Till next time my wonderful friends! Happy Knitting!


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