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Winding up for Summer 

Hello Friends, 

June is nearly over and I feel like it was just yesterday that it started. We are starting the second week of Stash Dive KAL! We have had a great intro so far. There were many participants who got so creative with their photos, it has been so much fun to see. 

This week’s photo theme is Winding up for Summer

This shawl is going to match my blouse perfectly

What do you love about the start of summer? Is it the camping trips or other vacations you have planned? The longer days and getting to BBQ outside? Maybe it’s getting out to do some gardening and yard work (if it is will you please come over to my house?? I will make you cake!)?  
For me, when I was a kid, I loved that it meant I was out of school and could play outside all day. As an adult I tend to look forward to summer, because it means I’m one season closer to it being Fall. Seriously though, I love the longer days, evening walks as a family, listening to the birds chirping away. Summer is always busy for us. Even thought there is an air of relaxed, I can’t say that we spend hours under a shade tree in a hammock (that would be nice though). It’s a season for getting out and doing. 
In yarn related matters I have been doing pretty good with not casting on a hundred projects this week! Trust me I wanted to! Now that I am down to concentrating on 3 projects I am working thru them, which is great. But…You knew there was a but right? Now my mind is flooded with all the patterns I want to cast on. 

Now that I have gone thru most of my stash and given the skeins a pattern to call home, I am itching to start all of them! Restraint. Restraining! 

However, I am going to cast on one shawl this week. I knew from the moment I saw Naomi’s sneak peeks of her shawl Whispers in the Wind that I wanted to knit it up. 

See I have been stashing a yarn called This Girl is on Fire for a while now and when I saw the description for what inspired this shawl, I immediately thought of this yarn. 

The shawl was inspired by the lovely rock formations that are found in the Arizona desert and the feeling one gets  when staring out at the vast emptiness that can be found there. The sun setting the sky afire, while the coolness of evening settles around you. 

This skein has the perfect coloring for what I was seeing in my mind. When I learned that this shawl pattern was also about over coming fear and not letting the things we fear stop us from reaching out to grab our dreams, I felt instant recognition. 

Fear has held me back from following thru on a lot of my dreams. Till this last year when my ever encouraging husband said to me “what did I have to lose”.  He was right.  What did I have to lose??   So I took my first steps towards following my own artistic dreams and they have led me here to this very place. 

Now I have a shop and this blog!

It was meant to be. I felt that a shawl about over coming fear and a yarn called This Girl is on Fire, was just the combination to give me a power piece in my wardrobe. 

Every time I wear this shawl I want to be reminded of the peace and tranquility one feels when over looking a vast landscape but also reminded of the power it takes to make ones dreams a reality even on the smallest scale.  I want to feel like the girl on Fire…(a little melodramatic?? Maybe, but then again I have always had a flair for drama, just ask my mom). 

These two yarns, This Girl is on Fire and Pressed Iris from Woolberry Fiber Co are going to wind up my summer. How is your summer starting out? Check us out at Stash Dive and join us on Instagram to get in on the stash busting, stash enhancing KAL of the summer!! 


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