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Stash Dive

Hello Friends,

It’s officially summer! Alright tomorrow is officially summer but close enough. 

One thing I always looked forward to about summer as a kid was…the POOL!! I couldn’t get enough of the water. In any form. Running thru the sprinkler in the back yard, the lake, the beach! You name it. If it was a body of water I wanted to be in it. Now I have the pleasure of seeing my kids discovering how fun the pool is. My four year old loves to jump off the side and make a big splash. 

As an adult I have found the comfort that is air conditioning and the pleasure of my yarn. Though poolside knitting is nice.  This summer I really want to make a splash, literally and in my yarn stash! 

How many times have we all said, I will not buy anymore yarn…I will use what I have. I do not need anymore yarn!?

Too many times to count!  Guess what? I. Fail. Every. Time. Oh sure I may be able to hold off and not buy yarn for a month or two. Usually because I know money is tight and it’s the wise thing to do to wait. Boy is it hard. 

Picture Via Pinterest

Here is the thing I know telling myself I will never buy yarn again is pointless and not going to happen. There are too many beautiful yarns out there I want to try. 

Yarn purchases are a bit of a grey area for me as an aspiring minimalist. That and books. They both bring me joy, so surrounding myself with them makes me happy. I have done the purges and pairing downs. And in a year my stash is always built back up.

 I have actually hunted down books I got rid of and rebought them (boy did the book industry make money off of me). 

Picture Via Pinterest

Those are my two things I will always be willing to spend money on.  Do I have enough yarn? Yes. Do I need more? That’s a matter up for debate. I have no problem buying all the yarn, but it is going against my minimalist tendencies to just let them sit not being used! In my previous posts I have been discussing using the yarns I have for the summer projects I have lined up. 

So what is a girl who wants to buy all the yarn to do? Why dive into her stash and use it to make room for all the other lovelies she wants to buy. 

Which brings me to a conversation I had with my friend Naomi about two weeks ago.  Naomi and I were chatting and drooling over some yarn choices offered by Jennifer of Train Track Fiber Designs.  We lamented that we really didn’t NEED to add to the stash. That’s when an idea was born! 


We thought how fun would it be to have a KAL held on Instagram, encouraging the use of our stash (totally not a fast rule…ahem *cough* says she who just bought 4 more skeins of yarn today). We also saw this as a great opportunity to connect more with the knitting community! We would call it Stash Dive! A perfect summery name! 

Pool Party on Instagram Live June 20th @7pm CST!

What I love about how this KAL is set up, is that it’s not a race to see who finishes a project. It’s truly about the knitting, and the fun themes. 

Each week there will be a different photo theme opportunity (it’s how you play and enter for the weekly giveaways and the grand prize at the end).  All the while you will knit on whatever your heart desires.  Though may I recommend checking out some of the patterns from our generous sponsors? They have some really nice patterns. You can learn more about the rules of the KAL and see the sponsor list here.

I hope you will join us! Naomi and I will be sharing tips, pattern and yarn suggestions, and maybe even a few favorite summer recipes on our blogs. I don’t know about you but I love seeing suggestions for yarn and pattern pairings! 

Are you ready to dive in? 


2 thoughts on “Stash Dive

  1. I read a few great books on minimalisum. I’ve done just that in April when my family and I moved. Even my yarn stash. I gave away some to Goodwill and to a hospital that gives it to cancer and AIDS patients to learn to knit. However, I still have way too much. I’ll be posting my picture Saturday. Yay. And I’m right there with you when it comes to books and yarn. It’s so hard getting rid of books you’ve carried with you throughout your life. At least me anyway. 57 and can’t stay away from a book store or my LYS. Yikes !!??

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! It is very hard to let go of books that hold meaning. I have some I read as a teenager that I haven’t read again but I still remember the stories. They hold nice memories for me. One thing I try very hard to do is buy my books digitally. While not as good as having a physical book it lets me have more with out it taking up the physical space. I am so excited you will be joining us for the KAL!!!

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